Getting Started

Our clients often pilot Coaching in the Moment and then get feedback from stakeholders on how to use this learning experience to add value in the organization.

Work with our experts to brainstorm an implementation strategy that will work in your organization. Common implementation strategies include:

Culture Change Initiative

Wire up a Safe and Seen coaching culture by implementing Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment throughout your entire organization. Most often,
organizations will start with one division or one level of managers.

Open Enrollment

Offer Coaching in the Moment as an open-enrollment course for your employees.

Align with a Change Initiative

It can be valuable for those going through a lot of change in a short amount of time (such as a merger or acquisition) to have a shared, universal language to help identify issues before they become too complex. To move through change much more smoothly, have anyone involved in the change project learn Coaching in the Moment skills.

Leadership Learning Path

Creating or expanding upon your leadership learning path? Coaching in the Moment is typically placed towards the beginning because it wires up new assumptions and beliefs about what it means to be a good, effective leader.

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From Our Clients:

“Coaching in the Moment has prepared our leaders to better listen to their employees, and engage their best thinking, especially as we move into uncharted territory, moving from a utility to an energy management company. I've seen leaders rely on their coaching skills to manage this transition.”

– HR Consultant, Utility Company


It can be difficult to train all your managers and leaders to be full-fledged coaches. At Cylient, we believe in teaching coaching-based leadership skills that anyone can use in any conversation.

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