What if the leadership style in your organization is creating the very challenges you need to overcome?

Telling people what to do and then correcting them when they are “wrong” creates cultures where people wait to be told, keep quiet, avoid risks, and disengage.

When a coaching culture takes hold, leaders focus on igniting insight in day-to-day conversations, with anyone at any time. Connections are created, risks are taken, and change gets traction. That’s what we call a Change-Able® Organization—one that navigates any kind of change more quickly and successfully.


Traditional Leadership

Tell people what to do.

Coaching-Based Leadership

Learn in the moment.

Turn everyday conversations into opportunities for people to learn, in the moment, from their challenges. Our exclusive Coaching in the Moment® workshop, featuring our Untying the Knot® approach to coaching, has been used to embed coaching-based leadership at every level of the organization for thousands of people, worldwide.

Traditional Leadership

Feedback is avoided.

Coaching-Based Leadership

Feedback inspires growth.

“In the moment” feedback is the lifeblood of learning. Our exclusive Feedback in the Moment® workshop turns feedback into a productive, positive everyday experience that motives people to embrace new ways of thinking and working together.

Traditional Leadership

Boundaries and barriers can stall change.

Coaching-Based Leadership

Connections create momentum.

Coaching-based leadership encourages people to learn with and from others, across boundaries, enabling enterprise-wide change of any kind to gain momentum and become a reality. That’s what gives Change-Able organizations a competitive advantage.

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