What's the cost of conversations that don't happen?

Give everyone in your organization the practical skills and confidence they need to turn everyday conversations into moments of connection, understanding and learning.

See how this transformation happens with our Untying the Knot® approach to "in the moment" coaching and feedback in this 90-second video:


We give people throughout your organization the skills and confidence to:

  • Work through differences with peers in real time
  • Provide developmental feedback in the flow of work
  • Connect with others so they feel seen and heard
  • Turn good DE&I intentions into meaningful, productive conversations
  • Find common ground after a merger or acquisition
  • Inspire others to embrace change of all kinds

The Cylient System

Our scalable, global training system rewires what leaders believe it means to be a good and effective leader and creates the foundation of a Safe and Seen coaching culture. Our Untying the Knot® approach to “in the moment” coaching and feedback gives leaders a universal language to have insightful coaching and feedback conversations in the flow of work.

Why do you need a system to make “in the moment” coaching a way of life? It takes more than just one learning experience for people to feel confident in their coaching capabilities. That’s why we created the Cylient System.

With the Cylient System, your organization can:

  • Engrain “in the moment” coaching at scale, globally
  • Integrate coaching and feedback into one simple, common approach
  • Use Untying the Knot® as a shared language that enables change, organization-wide
  • Create a culture where people feel safe, seen and supported to realize their potential
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What is “in the moment” coaching?

As a result of participating in Coaching in the Moment, you will see leaders integrating coaching as a way of life by:

  • Asking questions to understand other people’s perspectives, instead of assuming or judging them
  • Looking for more connections, rather than pushing their agendas
  • Using coaching approaches to instigate change of any kind
  • Exploring where there are “knots,” and igniting insight to untie them
  • Creating together to move through change more quickly and smoothly
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Untying the Knot

What is Untying the Knot?

Untying the Knot is Cylient’s approach to training people to use “in the moment” coaching and feedback skills. When something is not happening, there’s typically a “knot.” Common knots might be:

  • A project not moving forward
  • Not resolving an issue with a peer
  • An idea not being shared successfully

The common framework that Untying the Knot provides becomes a shared language that enables people to resolve issues of any kind more quickly and effectively—together. Our Untying the Knot is the model used in both our Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment learning experiences.

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Discover The Cylient System

Cylient’s comprehensive system for creating coaching cultures embeds a shared coaching language, enabling anyone, anywhere in your organization to learn with and from each other, in the moment—globally. That’s what it takes to metabolize complex change into competitive advantage.
Delivery formats for the learning experiences in a one-day, in-person workshop, a virtual instructor-led workshop delivered in one day or two half-days, or a six-week, self-paced digital learning experience.

Why Partner with Cylient?

Practical Outcomes

Our Untying the Knot approach integrates “in the moment” coaching and feedback into a single, simple model that enables anyone, at any level in the organization to immediately engage in conversations they previously avoided.

Comprehensive System

The Cylient System, including multifaceted learning experiences, ensures that coaching-based leadership is ingrained in your organization’s DNA and a Change-Able coaching culture comes to life.

Universal Language

With enterprise-wide deployment, Untying the Knot becomes a shared language enabling meaningful change across any boundary, barrier or border, globally.

Scalable Approach

Enterprise-wide implementation of “in the moment” coaching and feedback is far more practical, affordable and effective than trying to train all of your managers to become certified coaches. Our comprehensive approach scales to meet the needs of any organization.

Inspiring Message

When all leaders coach others “in the moment” the message is clear: it’s everyone’s responsibility to learn, grow and support each other. That’s what will give your leaders and your organization the confidence to revolutionize your world—and our world—together.

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