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Every organization needs a coaching culture.

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Imagine coaching as a new way to work—and be.

When "in the moment" coaching and feedback become a way of life, leaders focus on igniting insight in day-to-day conversations, with anyone at any time. Connections are created, risks are taken and change gets traction. That's the foundation of a Change-Able® coaching culture.

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Taking a problem-solving approach to leadership is a problem.

Traditional leadership approaches focus on solving problems for others and telling them what to do. That teaches people to wait to be told, use other people's brains and avoid taking risks. Sound familiar? If it does, you have a big problem because complexity is not a problem to be solved. It's an opportunity that is opened by creatively connecting the dots in new ways. That requires a whole new way of working together. It requires a coaching culture.

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We can do this differently.

Cylient’s vision is to make coaching a way of life for the world. We believe our Untying the Knot approach to “in the moment” coaching and feedback is a new, different approach to addressing the kinds of issues that are persistent in organizations of any industry and any size. It will engage everyone in the meaningful conversations needed to revolutionize how we work together.

Cylient is a pioneer in the creation of coaching cultures. We know that revolutionary change is possible. We’ve seen it. We live it. We invite you to join us in our mission by embracing coaching as a way of life and supporting others to do the same.

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Discover The Cylient System

Cylient’s comprehensive system for creating coaching cultures embeds a shared coaching language, enabling anyone, anywhere in your organization to learn with and from each other, in the moment—globally. That’s what it takes to metabolize complex change into competitive advantage.

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Practical Outcomes

Our Untying the Knot approach integrates “in the moment” coaching and feedback into a single, simple model that enables anyone, at any level in the organization to immediately engage in conversations they previously avoided.

Comprehensive System

The Cylient System, including multifaceted learning experiences, ensures that coaching-based leadership is ingrained in your organization’s DNA and a Change-Able coaching culture comes to life.

Universal Language

With enterprise-wide deployment, Untying the Knot becomes a shared language enabling meaningful change across any boundary, barrier or border, globally.

Scalable Approach

Enterprise-wide implementation of “in the moment” coaching and feedback is far more practical, affordable and effective than trying to train all of your managers to become certified coaches. Our comprehensive approach scales to meet the needs of any organization.

Inspiring Message

When all leaders coach others “in the moment” the message is clear: it’s everyone’s responsibility to learn, grow and support each other. That’s what will give your leaders and your organization the confidence to revolutionize your world—and our world—together.

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