Coaching is a Gift

When coaching is offered from a place of curiosity, compassion and courage – with the intention of helping others realize their potential – the results will always be a gift.

In many ways, coaching has the qualities of a gift…

People are always at choice as to whether to accept the gift you are offering. Choice is an essential element of coaching. If a person doesn’t have a choice regarding how to respond, then there is no opportunity for coaching.  Honor that others are always at choice to accept or decline your offer of coaching, just as they would a gift.

Gifts are meant to make people happy.  To give a meaningful gift you need to take some time to reflect upon the recipient. Who is that person? What does she like? What lights her up? Why not give the same consideration before you engage someone in a coaching conversation? You know you’re doing great coaching when others light up with the joy of learning something new.

The best gifts give people a new and welcome experience. Gifts that delight people often extend experiences they value and enjoy in new ways. Like a cookbook with a new twist for someone who loves to cook, or a special tool that enables more intricate detail for a woodworker. Coaching that invites people to express their own gifts in new ways is truly a gift.

Even when the subject matter is challenging, such as providing someone with feedback that the person may find surprising, coaching is still a gift – if you offer it as one. The key is to stay in the curious, compassionate and courageous space and focus on creating insights that will help the person attain more of what matters most to him. Keep any judgment about the person at bay, and the gift will be delivered.

In what ways do you find coaching to be a gift?

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