New White Paper: The Resounding Cost of a Silent Culture

Are your people avoiding the conversations that really matter? Using stories and data from some of our clients, we published a new white paper, “The Resounding Cost of a Silent Culture: Ignite a Culture of Trust with ‘in the Moment’ Coaching.”

Trust is vital in an organization. When more and more projects arise that need people with differing perspectives and skillsets to collaboratively work together, trust is the glue that holds everyone together. Once trust is built, it spreads throughout the department and company.

Learn how to build trust in your organization and break that culture of silence in this white paper.

Other benefits of the white paper are:

1. Find out why people avoid important conversations at work.

2. Learn how “in the moment” coaching and feedback skills impact critical conversations.

3. Read recommendations on how to build a coaching culture built on a foundation of trust.

Download the white paper here:

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